Nachtangeln Oberbayern/Garmisch Partenkirchen

  • Abend,

    Ich mochte gerne info uber wo ich nachtangeln auf karpfen mochte.
    Ich komme aus die niederlande so entschuldigung wann mein deutsch ist schrecklich. I'll hope you understand English.

    I'm stayig in Oberammergau and I would like to fish durig te night in the area. Where doesn't matter, as long as it is not for 3 hours driving. In the area would be fine. Ive searched the internet alot and know most lakes you have to buy a ticket, which is no problem. But I can't find anything about nightfishing.

    Hope someone can help me out.



  • Hi!

    I am not entirely up to date, but fishing at night used to be illegal in all the bavarian places where i go fishing until a few years ago. I think currently it depends on the district, in Swabia it seems to be permitted now. Anyway you will have to buy a permit/ticket and it will usually provide this information.

    Finally, Swabian lakes close to Oberammergau would be the Forggensee or Hopfensee or many smaller ones. Check here for permits and info:

  • Hello,

    today night fishing in Bavaria is not allowed.
    You also need a permisson to fish in Bavaria. thats possible for tourists, but you should ask the touristinformation at Oberammergau.